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Epilepsy (Part 1) By UMMCVideos
What is epilepsy?
Types of seizures
Explanation of seizures
Diagnosing epilepsy
EEG monitoring
Home monitoring
Epilepsy (Part 2) By UMMCVideos
Medications for epilepsy
Surgical treatments
Vagus nerve stimulation
What to do if someone has a seizure
Epilepsy Update (Part 1) By UMMCVideos
Epilepsy defined
Seizure types
Diagnosis of epilepsy
EEG testing (electroencephalogram)
Seizure first aid
Seizures that last too long
Epilepsy Update (Part 2) By UMMCVideos
Epilepsy medications
Epilepsy treatment procedures
Vagus nerve stimulation
Emerging epilepsy treatments
Ketogenic diet
Other diet studies
Pregnancy and epilepsy
Understanding Epilepsy (Epilepsy #1) By illumistream
Epilepsy can tough to understand, because the presence of a seizure doesn’t necessarily mean you have the disease! Get the facts on epilepsy here.
Types of Seizures (Epilepsy #2) By illumistream
Seizures can take a variety of forms.
Understanding Partial Seizures (Epilepsy #3) By illumistream
Partial seizures begin in a limited area of the brain, but each is profoundly different.
Understanding Generalized Seizures (Epilepsy #4) By illumistream
Although generalized seizures are characterized by electrical activity throughout the brain, each is profoundly different.
What Causes Epilepsy? (Epilepsy #5) By illumistream
Sixty million Americans will develop epilepsy during their lifetimes. Let’s look at why.
Diagnosing Epilepsy (Epilepsy #6) By illumistream
Diagnosing epilepsy is a complicated process that can take some time. Let’s look at the process.
10 Truths About Epilepsy (Epilepsy #7) By illumistream
Up to 60 million people have epilepsy, yet myths about the disease still abound. Get the facts here!
Epilepsy Through The Ages (Epilepsy #8) By illumistream
Epilepsy isn’t new…Let’s follow the path of the disease through the ages.
Approaches to Seizure Medication (Health Guru) By illumistream
What are the general principles that guide how patients and doctors use antiepileptic medications?
Confusion Imitators of Seizures (Health Guru) By illumistream
Sudden confusion is a common symptom of certain types of seizures, but it is also a symptom that can be caused by one of many seizure imitators.
Epilepsy and Your Safety (Health Guru) By illumistream
People with epilepsy should understand that seizures can can cause severe injuries. It is important to manage your risks while living the most fulfilling life possible.
Psychological Imitators of Seizures (Health Guru) By illumistream
This video reviews a number of psychological conditions that are sometimes confused for epilepsy. Of the various medical conditions that mimic aspects of a seizure, these psychological conditions can be the most difficult to distinguish from epilepsy.
Safe Driving for People with Epilepsy (Health Guru) By illumistream
This video details the important components of safe driving for people with epilepsy.
Understanding Febrile Seizures (Health Guru) By illumistream
An overview and discussion of febrile seizures, childhood seizures provoked by fevers.