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Advances in Stroke Care (Part 1) By UMMCVideos
Advances in neurology (genetics and medications)
Deep brain stimulation for Epilepsy
Hemorrhagic vs. ischemic stroke
Stroke risk factors
Advances in Stroke Care (Part 2) By UMMCVideos
Stroke is an emergency
Clot-busting drugs (tPA)
Interventional radiology treatment
Brain imaging
Brain stenting
Role of rehabilitation
Stroke symptoms
Stroke and Stroke Prevention (Part 1) By UMMCVideos
Different types of stroke: ischemic & hemorrhagic
Why “brain attack”
Stroke symptoms
TIA – Transient Ischemic Attack
tPA (tissue Plasminogen Activator)
Stroke effects — location in brain
Brain plasticity
Stroke and Stroke Prevention (Part 2) By UMMCVideos
Stroke prevention
Medical risk factors
Behavioral risk factors
Smoking/stroke risk
Stroke in women
Stroke in younger adults
Genetic factors/research
Stroke Overview By AnswersTV
Recognizing, treating, and preventing strokes.
What Does a Stroke Do? By AnswersTV
How strokes damage the brain.
Symptoms of a Stroke By AnswersTV
The warning signs and risk factors of strokes.
Stroke Treatment: Emergency Care By AnswersTV
Drugs, surgeries, and other procedures.
Surviving a Stroke By AnswersTV
A mother and her daughter live through a stroke.
Stroke Prevention By AnswersTV
Controlling risk factors that can cause strokes.
Understanding Stroke (Stroke #1) By illumistream
Every 45 minutes in America, someone has a stroke…often for the second or third time. This video explores what happens during a “brain attack.”
Risk Factors For Stroke (Stroke #2) By illumistream
One in 16 deaths in the United States is directly related to a stroke. So, make sure you know your risk factors for having one—it just may save your life!
Symptoms of Stroke (Stroke #3) By illumistream
Without immediate medical attention, a person having a stroke may suffer memory loss, or even death. Learn what to watch out for so you or a loved one can get treatment immediately.
Preventing Stroke (Stroke #4) By illumistream
Up to 80 percent of strokes that occur in the United States each year could be prevented! Need more convincing?
Effects of Stroke (Stroke Recovery #1) By illumistream
After a stroke, things change. Because 700,000 new strokes occur every year in America, knowing what may follow is invaluable to a stroke victim’s loved ones.
Recovering Mobility After Stroke (Stroke Recovery #2) By illumistream
Walking upright, balancing the body, and even tying one’s shoes can become monstrously challenging tasks following a stroke. Learn the ways in which patients recover their mobility.