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  1. Brain Estrogen Shows Promise As Schizophrenia Treatment
    By Jane Castles | Monash University | March 31, 2010.
  2. In Preclinical Studies Targeted Agent Blocked Growth of Deadly Brain Cancer
    By Karen Mallet | Georgetown University Medical Center | March 31, 2010.
  3. Psychologists Show That Verbal Stimuli Activate Pain Matrix
    By Professor Dr. Thomas Weiss | Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena | March 31, 2010.
  4. Researchers Find New Brain Nerve Cells Key to Stress Resilience
    By LaKisha Ladson | UT Southwestern Medical Center | March 31, 2010.
  5. Risk-Taking Peaks in Adolescence, Male Study
    By Catharine Paddock, Ph.D. | Medical News Today | March 31, 2010.
  6. The Consequences of Brain Contusion
    By Deutsches Aerzteblatt International | March 31, 2010.
  7. TRPV2 Receptor Feels Mechanical Membrane-Stretch in Developing Neurons
    By Dr Koji Shibasaki | National Institute for Physiological Sciences | March 31, 2010.
  8. Unveiling Prototype Bionic Eye
    By Emma O’Neill | University of Melbourne | March 31, 2010.
  9. Alzheimer’s-Like Memory Loss Reversed in Fruit Flies
    By Hema Bashyam | Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory | March 30, 2010.
  10. Drugs Developed to Treat Addiction May Also Benefit People Who Are Habitual Overeaters
    By Shirley Simson | NIH/National Institute on Drug Abuse | March 30, 2010.
  11. Immune Cells ‘Sniff Out’ Bacteria
    By Laura Udakis | Society for General Microbiology | March 30, 2010.
  12. MIT Neuroscientists Influence People’s Moral Judgments by Disrupting Specific Brain Region
    By Jennifer Hirsch | Massachusetts Institute of Technology | March 30, 2010.
  13. Paradigm Spine Completes Enrollment in Pivotal Clinical Study of Coflex(R) Interlaminar Technology
    By Paradigm Spine, LLC | March 30, 2010.
  14. Protein Linked to Problems with Executive Thinking Skills
    By American Academy of Neurology (AAN) | March 30, 2010.
  15. Tomato Genes Produce Promising Results Against Brain Tumours
    By Expertanswer | Medical News Today | March 30, 2010.
  16. Cellceutix Announces Positive Results with Autism Compound KM-391, Showing Significant Improvements on Key Parameters in Animal Studies
    By Cellceutix Corporation | March 29, 2010.
  17. Compulsive Eating That Leads to Obesity Has Similar Biology to Drug Addiction
    By Catharine Paddock, Ph.D. | Medical News Today | March 29, 2010.
  18. Computer Game Operated by Eye Movements Could Allow People with Severe Physical Disabilities to Become ‘Gamers’ for The First Time
    By Colin Smith | Imperial College London | March 29, 2010.
  19. Multiple Sclerosis Could Have Two Types Suggests Study
    By Catharine Paddock, Ph.D. | Medical News Today | March 29, 2010.
  20. Artist/Neurocientist Collaboration to Examine The Way We See Things
    By Ather Mirza | University of Leicester | March 27, 2010.
  21. Early Gesturing Predicts Language Delays in Brain-Injured Children
    By Sarah Hutcheon | Society for Research in Child Development | March 27, 2010.
  22. New Animal Model Developed to Study Craniofacial Pain by Manipulating Genes
    By Sydney Clevenger | Oregon Health & Science University | March 27, 2010.
  23. News from The American Journal of Pathology April 2010
    By Angela Colmone, Ph.D. | American Journal of Pathology | March 27, 2010.
  24. Anesthesia Increases Risk of Developing Alzheimer’s Disease in Patients with Genetic Predisposition
    By IOS Press BV | March 26, 2010.
  25. Biocompatible Electronics Could Enable New Surgical Applications, Put Off-Beat Hearts Back on Rhythm
    By Liz Ahlberg | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | March 26, 2010.
  26. Do Humans Have A Daily Requirement for Certain Kinds of Emotions, Like The Body Does for Certain Nutrients?
    By World Mind Network | March 26, 2010.
  27. Improving The ‘Working Memory’ of Mice
    By Ken Branson | Rutgers University | March 26, 2010.
  28. Keeping Stem Cells Alive in Adult Brain Requires Insulin-Like Signal
    By Robert Sanders | University of California – Berkeley | March 26, 2010.
  29. Memory Decline Linked to An Inability to Ignore Distractions
    By Elsevier | March 26, 2010.
  30. Novel Parkinson’s Treatment Strategy Involves Cell Transplantation
    By Jennifer O’Brien | University of California – San Francisco | March 26, 2010.
  31. Researchers Discover That A Modified Protein Plays A Key Role in Memory Processes
    By William Raillant-Clark | McGill University | March 26, 2010.
  32. SMA Foundation Announces Completion of The Biomarker Study
    By Spinal Muscular Atrophy Foundation | March 26, 2010.
  33. Take Risks Programmed into Teenagers
    By Clare Ryan | University College London | March 26, 2010.
  34. Transplanted Embryonic Cells Create New Period of Brain “Plasticity”
    By Jennifer O’Brien | University of California – San Francisco | March 26, 2010.
  35. Arena Pharmaceuticals Announces Initiation of Phase 1 Clinical Trial of APD916 for Narcolepsy And Cataplexy
    By Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc | March 25, 2010.
  36. Article on Memory May Make A Lasting Impression, Depending on Theta Phase Lock
    By Sandy Van | Cedars-Sinai Medical Center | March 25, 2010.
  37. During Infancy The Human Brain Becomes Tuned to Voices And Emotional Tone of Voice
    By CathleenGenova | Cell Press | March 25, 2010.
  38. In Brain-Injured Children, Gesturing Predicts Language Delays
    By University of Chicago | March 25, 2010.
  39. Link Between Impaired Judgment of Harmful Intent And Damage to Prefrontal Cortex
    By Cathleen Genova | Cell Press | March 25, 2010.
  40. MDA-Funded Researcher to Test Tadalafil (Cialis) As Treatment for Becker Muscular Dystrophy
    By Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) | March 25, 2010.
  41. New Tissue-Hugging Implant Maps Heart Electrical Activity in Unprecedented Detail
    By University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine | March 25, 2010.
  42. Next-Day Student Test-Taking Unaffected by Binge Drinking
    By Jonathan Howland | Boston University Medical Center | March 25, 2010.
  43. Older Adults Remember The Good Times
    By Elsevier | March 25, 2010.
  44. Opening Route to Better Pain Relief Through Inflammation Research
    By Abigail Chard | University of Leeds | March 25, 2010.
  45. Taste And Smell Can Be Lost or Impaired after A Head Injury
    By Université de Montréal | March 25, 2010.
  46. When Memory-Related Neurons Fire in Sync with Certain Brain Waves, Image Recognition And Memories Are Stronger Than If This Sync Does Not Occur
    By Cedars-Sinai Medical Center | March 25, 2010.
  47. Acclaimed Alzheimer’s Clinician-Researcher to Head Methodist Neurological Institute Alzheimer’s Disease Center
    By Methodist Hospital Houston | March 24, 2010.
  48. Aging without Mental Decline: Probing The Secrets of Sharp Memory in Old Age
    By Michael Bernstein | American Chemical Society | March 24, 2010.
  49. Ambry Genetics Launches First X-Linked Mental Retardation Diagnostics Using Next Generation Sequencing
    By Ambry Genetics | March 24, 2010.
  50. Animal Study Furthers Our Understanding of Inherited Neurodegenerative Disease
    By Kat Snodgrass | Society for Neuroscience | March 24, 2010.
  51. Blood Flow in The Brain Can Now Be Measured in Real Time
    By Expertanswer | March 24, 2010.
  52. First European Patients Enrolled in Largest Ever Randomised Controlled Trial of ITB Therapy(R) in Post-Stroke Patients with Severe Spasticity
    By Medtronic Inc. | March 24, 2010.
  53. Genetic Disease Known for Its Life-threatening Tumors Can Also Cause Sudden Death from Cardiovascular Disease in Children, Trial to Develop Treatments
    By IU School of Medicine | March 24, 2010.
  54. New Study Finds Eye Position Betrays The Numbers We Have in Mind
    By Rebecca Scott | University of Melbourne | March 24, 2010.
  55. Tel Aviv University Pioneers Research for New Retinal Implant Technology
    By George Hunka | American Friends of Tel Aviv University | March 24, 2010.
  56. The Biotechnology Study Center Of NYU School Of Medicine Annual Awards Symposium To Honor 3 Outstanding Leaders In Biomedical Research
    By Lisa Greiner | NYU Langone Medical Center / New York University School of Medicine | March 24, 2010.
  57. UC Center Chosen to Study Auditory Brainstem Implants
    By Cindy Starr | University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center | March 24, 2010.
  58. Atrophy of Disused Muscle Triggered by TWEAK
    By Rita Sullivan | Rockefeller University Press | March 23, 2010.
  59. Brain Network Scans Help Predict Injury’s Effects
    By Washington University in St. Louis | March 23, 2010.
  60. Brain Waves And Mediation
    By NTNU | March 23, 2010.
  61. Cognition Declines Four Times Faster in People with Alzheimer’s Disease Than Those with No Dementia
    By Rush University Medical Center | March 23, 2010.
  62. CTD Holdings Receives Large Order from Brazil for Trappsol CycloTM Which May Provide Benefit in Many Lysosomal Storage Diseases
    By CTD Holdings, Inc. | March 23, 2010.
  63. Dangerous Custodians Immune Cells As Possible Nerve-cell Killers in Alzheimer’s Disease
    By Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen (LMU) | March 23, 2010.
  64. Innoculating Against Phobias
    By Graeme Baldwin | BioMed Central | March 23, 2010.
  65. New Technology Facilitates Studies of Brain Cells in Stroke
    By Expertanswer | March 23, 2010.
  66. Toshiba MR Technology Shortens Brain Imaging Time
    By Toshiba | March 23, 2010.
  67. UCD Conway Worm Research Sheds Light on Joubert Syndrome Gene
    By UCD Conway Institute of Biomolecular & Biomedical Research | March 23, 2010.
  68. Methodist Hospital Research Institute Receives $5 Million Donation to Study Neurodegenerative Diseases, Alzheimer’s
    By Methodist Hospital, Houston | March 22, 2010.
  69. Duke Cell Therapy Center Benefit from Robertson Foundation Donation
    By Michelle Gailiun | Duke University Medical Center | March 20, 2010.
  70. Link Between Learning Deficits in Adolescence And Novel Brain Receptor
    By Sheryl Smith, Ph.D. | SUNY Downstate Medical Center | March 20, 2010.
  71. Patients Recently Suffering Non-Severe Strokes May Be Eligible for Clinical Trial of Minimally Invasive Stenting Procedure to Open Brain Arteries
    By Cedars-Sinai Medical Center | March 20, 2010.
  72. Study of Songbirds Could Lead to Treatment for Speech And Language Disorders
    By A’ndrea Elyse Messer | Penn State | March 20, 2010.
  73. Discovery of Switch Mechanism for Controlling Traffic in Cells
    By Anita Kar | McGill University | March 19, 2010.
  74. First Publication of Data from Pivotal Clinical Trial for Medtronic Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy for Epilepsy Published Today in Epilepsia
    By Medtronic | March 19, 2010.
  75. In Patients with Refractory Partial And Secondarily Generalized Seizures, Deep Brain Stimulation Reduces Epileptic Seizures
    By Dawn Peters | Wiley-Blackwell | March 19, 2010.
  76. SNM Warns Patients about Imaging Test Delays Due to Worldwide Mo-99 Shortage
    By Amy Shaw | Society of Nuclear Medicine | March 19, 2010.
  77. Trophos Completes Patient Enrolment in Pivotal Phase 3 Efficacy Study of Olesoxime in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)
    By Trophos | March 19, 2010.
  78. Vastly Expanded Versatility of Optogenetics Brain-Research Technique
    By David Orenstein | Stanford University Medical Center | March 19, 2010.
  79. Book Explores The Threat of Neuroscience to The Concept of Free Will And Whether We’re Truly in Control of Our Actions
    By Jennifer Kovach | Prometheus Books | March 18, 2010.
  80. BrainPort Helps Blinded Soldier See with Tongue
    By Catharine Paddock, Ph.D. | Medical News Today | March 18, 2010.
  81. Carefusion Launches New Device to Help Treat Spinal Fractures
    By CareFusion Corporation | March 18, 2010.
  82. CogniFit Coaches Multiple Sclerosis Patients to Improve Memory And Cognition
    By CogniFit | March 18, 2010.
  83. Leech Established As Model for Study of Reproductive Behavior at Caltech And UCSD
    By Kathy Svitil | California Institute of Technology | March 18, 2010.
  84. Magellan Spine Technologies Announces Full Enrollment in The Spinal Disc Annular Repair Technology (DART) 20 Patient Initial Human Use Study
    By Magellan Spine Technologies, Inc. | March 18, 2010.
  85. Study Documents Increasing Racial Disparities in Access to High Quality Care for Brain Tumors
    By Archives of Surgery | March 18, 2010.
  86. ViewSite™ Brain Access System (VBAS) Gaining Ground
    By Vycor Medical, Inc. | March 18, 2010.
  87. A Brain Surgeon Takes A Skeptical Look at Medical Technology
    By Loyola University Health System | March 17, 2010.
  88. During Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Mechanomyography Accurate in Detecting Nerves
    By Maria Seyrig | Henry Ford Health System | March 17, 2010.
  89. Identifiication of Brain Abnormalities That Result from Prenatal Meth Exposure Could Help Diagnose Affected Children
    By Kat Snodgrass | Society for Neuroscience | March 17, 2010.
  90. Neurologix Receives Notice of Allowance for Epilepsy Therapeutic Approach
    By Neurologix, Inc. | March 17, 2010.
  91. New Study Sheds Light on A Neurochemical Vulnerability That Could Contribute to Psychopathic Behaviors
    By NIDA Press Team | NIH/National Institute on Drug Abuse | March 17, 2010.
  92. Opening New Avenue for Developing Treatments for Genetic Muscle-Wasting Disease
    By Jennifer Paterson | Ottawa Hospital Research Institute | March 17, 2010.
  93. Using Magic Tricks to Treat Children with Locomotor Disabilities
    By George Hunka | American Friends of Tel Aviv University | March 17, 2010.
  94. What Is Fainting (Syncope)? What Causes Fainting?
    By Christian Nordqvist | Medical News Today | March 17, 2010.
  95. Guideline Issued for Treating Sleep, Constipation, Sexual Problems in Parkinson’s Disease
    By American Academy of Neurology (AAN) | March 16, 2010.
  96. Mental Function May Be Impaired by Smoking
    By Kristin Caspers, Ph.D. | Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs | March 16, 2010.
  97. Minority, Underprivileged Patients Not As Likely to Be Referred to Specialty Hospitals for Brain Tumors
    By Johns Hopkins Medicine | March 16, 2010.
  98. Neuroimaging Study Describes Alzheimer’s Disease Like Changes in Elderly People without The Disease
    By Elsevier | March 16, 2010.
  99. The Human Brain: Exploring Status Quo Bias
    By Ruth Howells | University College London | March 16, 2010.
  100. Treating Back Pain in Blood Marrow Cancer Patients
    By Maryann Verrillo | Society of Interventional Radiology | March 16, 2010.
  101. Turning The Tide of Dementia, Hope Is in Prevention, Research
    By Alzheimer Society | March 16, 2010.
  102. UVA First U.S. Hospital to Offer New Gamma Knife Technology for Cancers of The Head And Neck
    By University of Virginia Health System | March 16, 2010.
  103. Driver Licensing Authorities Should Take Responsibility for Deciding Medical Fitness to Drive, Australia
    By Medical Journal of Australia | March 15, 2010.
  104. FDA Panel Recommends Approval with Conditions of Medtronic Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy for Patients with Refractory Epilepsy
    By Medtronic | March 15, 2010.
  105. Getting Athletes ‘Back in The Game’ Faster: Minimally Invasive Sports Hernia Repair
    By Lisa Weisenberger | American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine | March 15, 2010.
  106. License Agreement to Develop Treatments for Neurological Disease Announced by Brain Science Institute
    By Gary Stephenson | Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions | March 15, 2010.
  107. New Biomedical Engineering Tools to Control Blood Loss
    By Chriss Swaney | Carnegie Mellon University | March 15, 2010.
  108. Updated ‘Patient Care in Vascular And Interventional Radiology’ And Related ‘Study Guide’ Now Available
    By Maryann Verrillo | Society of Interventional Radiology | March 15, 2010.
  109. Computer Algorithm Able to ‘Read’ Memories
    By Craig Brierley | Wellcome Trust | March 13, 2010.
  110. Discovery of Brain Tumor’s ‘Grow-or-Go’ Switch
    By Darrell E. Ward | Ohio State University Medical Center | March 13, 2010.
  111. Discovery of Powerful Molecule Regulator in Blood Pressure Control System
    By Sydney Clevenger | Oregon Health & Science University | March 13, 2010.
  112. The Body’s Anticipation of A Meal Can Be A Diabetes Risk Factor
    By Mary Jane Gore | Duke University Medical Center | March 13, 2010.
  113. The Human Brain Processes Predictable Sensory Input in A Particularly Efficient Manner
    By Wolf Singer | Max-Planck-Gesellschaft | March 13, 2010.
  114. Allon’s Phase 1 Trial Broadens Davunetide’s Intranasal Safety And Dose Range
    By Allon Therapeutics Inc. | March 12, 2010.
  115. Different Signal Paths for Spontaneous And Deliberate Activation of Memories
    By Expertanswer | March 12, 2010.
  116. Moderate Use of Video Games Can Be A Very Useful Educational Tool for Teaching Children
    By Ángeles Llorca Díez | University of Granada | March 12, 2010.
  117. Occasional High Blood Pressure May Pose Higher Stroke Risk
    By Catharine Paddock, Ph.D. | Medical News Today | March 12, 2010.
  118. Protect The Head And Prevent Traumatic Brain Injury
    By Methodist Hospital, Houston | March 12, 2010.
  119. Breakthroughs in Treatment of Spine And Back Conditions
    By Lauren L. Pearson | American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons | March 11, 2010.
  120. Daylight-Saving Time Switch May Leave You Sleepy, Physician Says
    By University of Michigan Health System | March 11, 2010.
  121. Decoding Patient’s Genome Found Gene for Inherited Neurological Disorder CMT
    By Catharine Paddock, Ph.D. | Medical News Today | March 11, 2010.
  122. Link Between Brain Chemical And Cognitive Decline in Schizophrenia
    By Phyllis Brown | University of California – Davis – Health System | March 11, 2010.
  123. Medtronic Introduces The Vertex Select(R) Reconstruction System
    By Medtronic | March 11, 2010.
  124. Molecule Tells Key Brain Cells to Grow up, Get to Work, Stanford Study Shows
    By Bruce Goldman | Stanford University Medical Center | March 11, 2010.
  125. Researchers Discover First Direct Evidence of Neuroplastic Changes Following Brainwave Training
    By Goldsmiths University of London | March 11, 2010.
  126. Scientists Discover Causative Genetic Mutation Associated with Common Inherited Neurological Disorder
    By Life Technologies | March 11, 2010.
  127. Sickle Cell Pain May Be from Damaged Tissues or Nerves
    By University of Illinois at Chicago | March 11, 2010.
  128. SMISS Launches Online Minimally Invasive Spine Programs
    By Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (SMISS) | | March 11, 2010.
  129. What Is Rabies? What Causes Rabies?
    By Stephanie Brunner (B.A.) | Medical News Today | March 11, 2010.
  130. Years of Smoking Associated with Lower Parkinson’s Risk, Not Number of Cigarettes Per Day
    By American Academy of Neurology (AAN) | March 11, 2010.
  131. Anthropologist/Neuroscientist Team Propose That Religion Is Ubiquitous And Persistent Because The Human Brain Needs It
    By Jill Maxick | Prometheus Books | March 10, 2010.
  132. Behavioral Problems in Childhood Double The Risk of Chronic Widespread Pain in Adult Life
    By Emma Mason | Oxford University Press | March 10, 2010.
  133. Brain Activity Predicts Emotional Resiliency Following A Fight with A Partner
    By Amy Lavoie | Harvard University | March 10, 2010.
  134. Dependence Receptors : A New Weapon to Inhibit Tumors?
    By CNRS (Délégation Paris Michel-Ange) | March 10, 2010.
  135. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to Launch New Brain Research Effort with Acquisition of Elekta MEG Technology
    By Elekta | March 10, 2010.
  136. MSRC Comments on Stanford University Reportedly Halting CCSVI Treatments after Two Serious Adverse Events
    By Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre | March 10, 2010.
  137. Multicenter NIH Clinical Trial Will Study Potential Benefits of Brain Cooling after A Stroke
    By Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, UC San Diego Medical Center | March 10, 2010.
  138. Questioning The Benefits of Elective Removal of Ovaries During Hysterectomy: Evidence Suggests Procedure May Do More Harm Than Good
    By Andrea Boccelli | Elsevier Health Sciences | March 10, 2010.
  139. What Is Hydrocephalus (Water on The Brain)? What Causes Hydrocephalus?
    By Christian Nordqvist | Medical News Today | March 10, 2010.
  140. A Child’s Ability to Learn Can Be Adversely Affected by Repeated Anesthesia
    By Klas Blomgren | University of Gothenburg | March 9, 2010.
  141. African-Americans And Hispanics More Likely to Have Alzheimer’s Disease And Dementia Than Whites
    By Alzheimer’s Association | March 9, 2010.
  142. FDA Clears biospace med’s SterEOS 2D/3D Workstation for Pediatric Use in Spine
    By biospace med | March 9, 2010.
  143. New Syndrome Identified by BUSM Researchers
    By Gina DiGravio | Boston University Medical Center | March 9, 2010.
  144. Science World Charmed by Snake Venom
    By Mardi Chapman | Research Australia | March 9, 2010.
  145. Scientists Shed New Light on How Retina’s Hardware Is Used in Color Vision
    By James Devitt | New York University | March 9, 2010.
  146. Varian Medical Systems Names Dr. John Adler As Chief of New Clinical Applications
    By Varian Medical Systems | March 9, 2010.
  147. Disability Reduced in Premature Babies with Serious Brain Hemorrhage
    By Joanne Fryer | University of Bristol | March 8, 2010.
  148. Memory And Learning: Recent Research
    By Jo Procter | Williams College | March 8, 2010.
  149. Researchers Report That Thymosin Beta 4 Improves Neurological Function after Stroke
    By RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. | March 8, 2010.
  150. Ritalin Boosts Learning by Increasing Brain Plasticity
    By Jennifer O’Brien | University of California – San Francisco | March 8, 2010.
  151. The Nanoscience/Neuroscience Intersection: A Dialogue
    By James Cohen | The Kavli Foundation | March 8, 2010.
  152. University of Chicago And Ataxia Foundation Team up for Annual Scientific And Patient Meetings
    By John Easton | University of Chicago Medical Center | March 8, 2010.
  153. Brain Scans Could Be Marketing Tool of The Future
    By Laura Brinn | Duke University | March 6, 2010.
  154. ISIS Initiates Phase 1 Clinical Trial of ISIS-SOD1Rx in Patients with ALS
    By Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. | March 6, 2010.
  155. Loss of Enzyme Reduces Neural Activity in Angelman Syndrome
    By David Cameron | Harvard Medical School | March 6, 2010.
  156. Neurologists on Capitol Hill to Push for Health Care Reform
    By American Academy of Neurology (AAN) | March 6, 2010.
  157. Scientists Find New form of Prion Disease That Damages Brain Arteries
    By Ken Pekoc | NIH/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases | March 6, 2010.
  158. Transcendental Meditation Activates Default Mode Network, The Brain’s Natural Ground State
    By Ken Chawkin | Maharishi University of Management | March 6, 2010.
  159. Clues to The Role of Brain Plaques Typical in Alzheimer’s Patients
    By Michael Mitchell | Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne | March 5, 2010.
  160. Neurologists on Capitol Hill to Push for Health Care Reform
    By American Academy of Neurology | March 5, 2010.
  161. New Prion Disease Damages Brain Arteries
    By Catharine Paddock, Ph.D. | Medical News Today | March 5, 2010.
  162. Nuclear Physics Promises Earlier Detection of Brain Tumors with Just 1 Scan
    By Wendy Taylor | Science and Technology Facilities Council | March 5, 2010.
  163. Psychosurgery Makes Gentle Comeback
    By Deutsches Aerzteblatt International | March 5, 2010.
  164. Researchers Find Further Evidence Linking Epstein-Barr Virus And Risk of Multiple Sclerosis
    By Harvard School of Public Health | March 5, 2010.
  165. The Bonati Spine Institute Suggests Looking at Olympic Athletes for Spine Health
    By The Bonati Spine Institute | March 5, 2010.
  166. What Is Japanese Encephalitis? What Causes Japanese Encephalitis?
    By Stephanie Brunner (B.A.) | Medical News Today | March 5, 2010.
  167. Cause of Destructive Inflammations Discovered
    By Dr. Sibylle Kohlstaedt | Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres | March 4, 2010.
  168. Detecting Brain Tumors Earlier with One Scan
    By Catharine Paddock, Ph.D. | Medical News Today | March 4, 2010.
  169. Evidence-Based Treatment for Childhood Epilepsy
    By Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center | March 4, 2010.
  170. Mental Activity Could Stave off Age-Related Cognitive And Memory Decline
    By Tom Vasich | University of California – Irvine | March 4, 2010.
  171. Novel MRI Sensor Provides Molecular View of The Brain
    By MIT | March 4, 2010.
  172. Ocular Shingles Linked to Increased Risk of Stroke
    By American Academy of Neurology (AAN) | March 4, 2010.
  173. Parkinson’s Disease Makes It Harder to Figure out How Other People Feel
    By American Psychological Association (APA) | March 4, 2010.
  174. Students’ Physical Fitness Associated with Academic Achievement; Organized Physical Activity Linked to Lower Body Fat in Girls
    By Karen Astle | American Heart Association | March 4, 2010.
  175. Test of Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Linked to Cognitive Problems
    By Maggie Francis | American Heart Association | March 4, 2010.
  176. ‘Biological Clock’ Could Be A Key to Better Health, Longer Life
    By Natraj Krishnan | Oregon State University | March 3, 2010.
  177. Critical Brain Chemical Shown to Play Role in Severe Depression
    By Michael Torres | Centre for Addiction and Mental Health | March 3, 2010.
  178. Don’t Make That Face At Me!
    By Elsevier | March 3, 2010.
  179. DYRK1A Gene May Be One of Most Influential Factors in Down’s Syndrome
    By Elhuyar Fundazioa | March 3, 2010.
  180. Has Exercise Treatment A Role in Improving Mood Swings?
    By Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics | March 3, 2010.
  181. In Down’s Syndrome DYRK1A Gene May Be One of Most Influential Factors
    By Amaia Portugal | Elhuyar Fundazioa | March 3, 2010.
  182. Latest Advances in Minimally Invasive Medicine Featured at Society of Interventional Radiology Meeting March 13-18 In Tampa, Fla.
    By Maryann Verrillo | Society of Interventional Radiology | March 3, 2010.
  183. Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Neurology Chief Co-Authors Leading Stroke Textbook
    By Nationwide Children’s Hospital | March 3, 2010.
  184. Neuroscientist Steers Research into Neurological Disorders
    By Anna Bednarek | Research Australia | March 3, 2010.
  185. New Explanation for The Spread of Key Protein Within The Brain, Suggesting New Ways to Diagnose And Treat Alzheimer’s
    By IOS Press BV | March 3, 2010.
  186. New Ways to Diagnose And Treat Alzheimer’s Suggested by UMass Lowell Researchers’ Findings
    By Christine Gillette | IOS Press | March 3, 2010.
  187. PINC Trial Launched to Test New Treatment for Pre-Invasive Breast Cancer
    By Marjorie Musick | George Mason University | March 3, 2010.
  188. Reconstruction of 3-D Hand Movement Using Brain Signals Suggests Future Portable Prosthetic Devices for The Movement-Impaired
    By Kat Snodgrass | Society for Neuroscience | March 3, 2010.
  189. Researchers Fishing for Cancer Cure Discover Active DHA Derivatives
    By Cody Mooneyhan | Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology | March 3, 2010.
  190. Serious Negative Impact of Prenatal Cocaine Exposure Found in Subtle Areas of Attention, Behavior Control
    By Karen Buckelew | University of Maryland Medical Center | March 3, 2010.
  191. Anterior Cingulate Cortex Activity May Represent A Neurobiological Risk for Alcohol Dependence
    By Sabine Vollstädt-Klein, Ph.D.: University of Heidelberg | Kent Hutchison, Ph.D.: University of New Mexico | March 2, 2010.
  192. Early Signs of Glaucoma Discovered in The Brain
    By Jessica Pasley | Vanderbilt University Medical Center | March 2, 2010.
  193. Gene Therapy Reverses Effects of Lethal Childhood Muscle Disorder in Mice
    By Arthur Burghes | Ohio State University | March 2, 2010.
  194. LDN Phase II Trial Results Published – Multiple Sclerosis Society
    By Multiple Sclerosis Society | March 2, 2010.
  195. Neuroimaging Technique Supports Reduction in Amyloid-Beta in Brains of Patients Suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease Treated with Bapineuzumab
    By Elan Corporation, plc | March 2, 2010.
  196. New Technique Allows Study of Protein Folding, Dynamics in Living Cells
    By Phil Ciciora | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | March 2, 2010.
  197. News from The Journal of Clinical Investigation Online Early March 1, 2010
    By Karen Honey | Journal of Clinical Investigation | March 2, 2010.
  198. Quark Announces Dosing of The First Patient in Phase I Clinical Trial of Its Ocular Neuroprotective Agent, QPI-1007
    By Quark Pharmaceuticals, Inc | March 2, 2010.
  199. Stanford University Halts CCSVI Treatments after Two Serious Incidents
    By Annals of Neurology | March 2, 2010.
  200. Women Need Clot-Busting Therapy after Stroke
    By American Academy of Neurology (AAN) | March 2, 2010.
  201. Drug Addiction And Relapse May Be Prevented by Increasing Neurogenesis
    By LaKisha Ladson | UT Southwestern Medical Center | March 1, 2010.
  202. Hospitalization for Acute Care or Critical Illness Associated with Greater Likelihood of Subsequent Cognitive Decline for Older Adults
    By Journal of the American Medical Association | March 1, 2010.
  203. Launching of New Genetic Test for Cause of Intellectual Disability
    By Michael Torres | Centre for Addiction and Mental Health | March 1, 2010.

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